Control Case, Workshop Test Case, Trailer Test Case

A truck test case, also known as a truck test device or truck diagnostic device, is a special tool or device used by professionals in truck maintenance and repair. The test kit is used to check, diagnose and, if necessary, repair electrical, electronic and possibly also mechanical components and systems in the truck.

The truck test case usually contains various measuring and testing equipment, as well as cables and adapters required to connect to the electrical and electronic components in the truck. These can include, for example, oscilloscopes, multimeters, current clamps, voltage testers, diagnostic scanners and other special tools.

The main functions of the truck test kit are:

Fault diagnosis: The test kit allows professionals to identify faults and faults in the truck's electrical and electronic systems. By reading fault codes and checking the sensors, actuators, and ECUs, they can determine which components are not working properly.

Troubleshooting: The test case makes it possible to check electrical connections and circuits in the truck to find defective cables, loose connections or damaged components.

Calibration and adjustment: The tester allows professionals to calibrate the various systems in the truck and check the settings to ensure that they are working properly and that the optimal operating parameters are being met.

Service and Maintenance: The test case can be used in routine maintenance and inspection of the truck to ensure that all electrical and electronic components are working properly.

Truck test kits can be specially designed for specific truck makes or models, or they can also be universally applicable to be used in different truck models. 

Workshop test kit 12+24 volt for trailer
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Workshop test kit truck/commercial vehicle 24 volt
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